Sacred Sites

Ostrog Monastery

The Monastery of Ostrog is built high up on the mountains. It lies against an almost vertical mountain side. It is history dates back to the 17Th Century. This holy site is dedicated to St.Basil of Ostrog who is buried here and today this monastery is one of the most visited sacred sites of Montenegro, a popular place of pilgrimage.

The Church of Our Lady on the Rocks

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Kotor Cathedral Kotor’s Cathedral of Saint Tryphon is the bishopric of Kotor which covers the entire area. A Roman Catholic cathedral dating back to 12th Century, it was built to honor Saint Tryphon who is the patron and protector of Kotor. His body parts which were brought from Constantinople are kept here. There was another structure on the very same site dating back to 9th Century. The baroque bell towers are the later additions of 17th Century.