Cetinje and Lovcen Mausoleum and National Park

Duration:6 hours

The Royal capital of Montenegro once, Cetinje is still considered as the cultural capital of Montenegro and it is located by the River Cetina (thus the name) away from the Adriatic Sea high up on the mountains.
Cetinje houses the first printing house of the South Slavs.
Among the places to visit we can find the Palace of King Nikola, Biljarda Palace, Tabalja Tower, churches, monasteries and consulate buildings of the 19th Century.
There are also three relics of Christianity to be found in Cetinje. Those are the icon of Our lady Filermosa, the hand of St John the Baptist, and a piece of the true cross Christ.
Nearby is the village of Njegusi we visit. This pretty village is a very nice example of traditional Montenegro with its specialties of the region such as cheese, ham and honey to taste.
We also visit the Lovcen Mausoleum built on top of the mountain 1660 meters above sea level. Petar II Petrovic Njegos, a poet, philosopher and prince-bishop of Montenegro, is buried in this mausoleum.