Food and Wine

Montenegrin cuisine is a nice blend of Balkan and Mediterranean flavours. It is exciting and inspiring.

The country offers a wide range of organic products varying from delicious seafoods from its blue seas and olive oil along the coastline to the meats, cheeses and prosciuttos of Njegusi up on the mountains. Fresh vegetables and fruits are also abundant to cater vegetarians.

Olive Oil

Montenegro’s coast has an ideal climate to produce tasty Montenegrin olive oil. Lustica Peninsula is a peaceful and beautiful land with hidden gems. Olive trees are one of those gems and for centuries, villagers of Lustica Peninsula have been producing olive oil.

A visit an olive grove to discover methods of olive oil production, culinary uses, characteristics and walk along olive trees is an experience to remember. Visitors can learn how olives are cultivated, harvested and finally turned into olive oil. They can see the modern and ancient olive oil mills to compare the techniques and also have an opportunity to taste olive oil.


Wine is a deep-rooted passion, it is a lifestyle…

ontenegrin viticulture owes its expansion to Prince Nikola Petrovic who lived in mid 19th Century. The country produces superb wines from the grapes grown in the vineyards located in the southern parts of the country around the Lake Skadar and the capital city of Podgorica. Among the producers, Plantaze with Europe’s largest continuous wineyards is the biggest and probably the most famous.

Vranac is the native red variety originating from the ancient times of Montenegro and most of the production is made up from it. Other varieties are the white Krstac, the other native variety and the famous Cabernet, Sauvignon, Merlot etc...